Monday, May 18, 2009

Handling Urban Social & Business Etiquette

Incivility and Unethical Issues
If this is you. STOP IT! Imposed as clients or simply have your friends request for information at the expense of others' precious time. Incivility act and unethical behaviour have no place in the business. A strong reflection of your insecurity and inability to handle competition with good grace.

Avoid being Manipulated

In a social and business etiquette, never force your opinions on others. Criticism is often given in generalities. Ask for details if it is an unfamiliar field of your understanding. Keep an open mind; listen and respect. Learning comes from listening. This skill is neither an offensive weapon nor a defensive shield; it is a tool of deriving an understanding.

Many air their strong opinion, their likes and dislikes insensitively, passing remarks and quoted stories out of the context. Your shortcoming may be seen as uncultured, rude, disrespectful, obnoxious and obstinance if you air your opinion without foundation and knowledge. Ignorance causes judgment.

Relationship Wreckers

Passing judgment is the last thing you want to do. The cost and consequence are skepticism, future business hesitation and negative impression. It is simply too high to pay in today's fast-moving society. Everyone is different and that makes the world colourful. Give yourself a visual and verbal audit. If there is nothing to say, silence is golden. Respect is virtue. Opinion by invitation. Guard your mouth!

Don't be afraid to Apologize

If you have accidentally offended someone, don't just hide your ego or justify your right. "I apologize if this sentence comes offensive to you". Let your intelligent mind catch fast when you sense something is wrong. Some no-brainers just went on and on till the verdict of "sentence to no-business" is passed down. You want nothing to do with them.

A powerful compliment
This formula is so simple and powerful. Sincere compliments motivate, encourage and inspire. Find something to praise eg, skill, energy, commitment, manner, purpose or appearance. Big or small, there is a place for compliment. Everyone will appreciate and remember. Pay someone compliment reflects your positive personality. You will reap it!

Agnes Koh
Certified Image & Etiquette Consultant
Accredited AICI CEU program

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