Mystery Ugly Shoppers

Reflection on Mystery Ugly "Shoppers"

As a professional Etiquette coach, I can't help but reflect on my recent encounters of people disguised as a "Mystery Shopper" and called to find out information on our packages.

I am puzzled on the ugly act by you who position a beautiful integrity to the public and sham a client to call for information and prices.   If you are leaders and encourage your graduates to do so, you are training batches of "thieves" with bad conscience.  At the expense of industry's unfathomable measure for a "Self" reason is uncivilized. Any excuses to qualify your rights will not justify you in the civility teaching.

I regard these humbugs as someone who is insecure, unprofessional, disgraceful, amateurish, ignominious and a waste of time.  This can be easily discovered with no specific requirements or contact number. Technology is so advance and you can be found. STOP the "Kiasu" and FIGHT for integrity.

I wonder how do you get so much time, effort and trouble to ask your friends to write or call in?  The precious time should be effectively used on how you could improve yourself as an individual, upgrade your skill,  increase your credential and knowledge. Instead, you chose to become a "Mystery Ugly Shopper".

I believe in creating your own identity.  Competing and comparing is healthy for personal improvement.  Copy and mimic may not produce identical results.  There are other factors such as delivery, presenting, communicating, resources, methods, characteristics play significant factors in the training.  Though it could be for price comparison, do your experience justify your current standing?

My humble advice is to find your own ground and be comfortable of your merits.  Measure your lifestyle;  weigh upon your desires and how you want to live your values and attitude.  Be conformed and shape your own earning contentment.  Your happiness or success does not depend on others.  Mind your own "business".

I will be happy to assist you openly when you cordially introduce yourself. The industry will be very healthy. Let's shape this society with civility. It is the root to success than to hide a mysterious self.

If you inadvertently commit such an "offence", search your integrity and start to grace the society with a wholesome attitude. 

We will not apologize or waste our time on ugly shoppers. Cowardly act is a shame in Etiquette. We truly believe genuine callers will brave up to come face-to-face.

Promote civility in the market and STOP mystery ugly shoppers!