Do you have what it takes to become a successful trainer?

In my earlier page, I blogged about choosing the right etiquette school for your training.  Whether you have chosen us or gone somewhere else, what matter most is your attitude after the training.  Do you have what it takes to become a successful trainer?

You may have chosen the right school, paid and got trained.  The best teacher who taught you the knowledge, skills and tools during the course did not guarantee your employment. Your perspective and positive attitudes to keep the doors opening up to you are keys.

Do You Expect to be Fed?

Many graduates have the impression that you will automatically get an assignment after you have completed the course.  Let me ask you: "After studied through your tertiary education - primary, secondary, poly, university; etc., do you ask the school to guarantee a permanent job for you?" Well, some schools may organize job fairs; no schools can guarantee life-time employment. It's you who are going to make it through the door and earn your keep.  Schools are not employment agency.  Be self-reliance and not self-entitled.  Do not demand or expect.  You craft your own life!

Trainer = Product

As a trainer, you have no "product" to sell.  You are a "product" yourself.  When a customer buys a product (trainer), your customer expects it (you) to be user-friendly (accommodative), multifaceted (harmonious) function, easy to navigate (obliging) and no short change (being non-entitled).

Do not wait for the right condition 

Do you come across as choosy? You want to wait for a beneficial condition to take action instead of accepting opportunities and make it right for others?  I would say, whether you're an unknown bird who possessed prerequisite experiences, do put your ego aside.  It will help you figure out the next chapter of your life when you embrace new leads. Be diplomatic in the way you handle people.  As a new comer, you do not have many choices, accept opportunities with gratitude so that more doors will be opening up to you. When people like you, they are willing to give you more opportunities. Life is to practice what you've learnt, unlearn and relearn the journey.  Kick out paradigm paralysis.

Time is Money

Time is money.  The competitive market has no room for waits-baby.  You have to get out of your comfort zone and prepare to work hard.  Your action speaks louder than your words.

Just-do-it Attitude

Jobs are everywhere. When you're offered a job that meets your skills, can you commit it instantly? Are you flexible enough to accommodate and meet your prospect's requirements? Do you have the just-do-it attitude? The "want" and "hungry" for business?  If you say "Yes," your action towards getting the job is closer.  Your positive attitude will cause a chain of favourable reaction of thoughts, events and outcomes.  It is a catalyst, and it will spark you with extraordinary results.

What if vs If Only

If you are new, there is no time to think of
"what if" I cannot make it,
"what if" I can't do the good job,
"what if" they don't pay well,
"what if" a better offer comes along

Calculative people will not make up a good trainer.  Many people will never know what they've missed until they stop receiving the supplies.

If you don't take, someone will.  You can whine and complain about "If only" I said yes.... or being jealous of that someone who has the just-do-it attitude. Unfriend that person in the social media and many other childish acts to satisfy your hate.  If you have time to do what haters do, you will also have time to divert your time for reflection.

Dream, Patience, Persistence

When it comes to our dreams, be persistence and patience. It is a high-minded excuse when you want to wait for the perfect conditions, which will never come. Be resilience, pursue your dream, make it work.

Be Prepared for a Change in your Lifestyle

One reason people resist change is because they focus on what they have to give up instead of what they will gain.  There will be sacrifices, sweat, adjustment, commitment, risk.  Be prepared for a change in your lifestyle.

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and THE ONLY WAY to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is GREAT WORK.  And the only way to do great work is to LOVE WHAT YOU DO. - Steve Job.  You will learn when you teach.

You Reap what you Sow

Life is fair.  You reap what you sow.  If you reap the half-past-six, uncommitted, free-then-I-take attitude, you will sow the same returns/results.  Nobody wants to invest their money on you who is not committed.  Be ready to accept any propositions, big or small, work on it sincerely and make the people you work with feels you can-do-it, willing and professional.

Good Interpersonal Skills

When you are in the women dominated industry, good interpersonal skill is very important.  Speak with integrity, give decent opinions on your encounters, reserve the bad vibes.  People will quote you in a wrong way.  Guard your reputation and don't talk down on others. When you are successful, be humble and do not let your ego gets inside your head.  That very success is often made you a target of criticism.  It is distasteful to give unsolicited advice if you're not even paid.  Some trainers cannot get off their obsessive training attitude and become very critical over everything. Unless you learn to face your own shadows, you will continue to see them in others, because the world outside you is only a reflection on the world inside you. Never disconnect with people in the real world.  When you're off-duty, disengage from the pulpit.  Your opinion is not welcome when you're not invited to give one and end up creating pet peeves in your relationships.

Practice What You Preach

Having said that, as an Etiquette Trainer, practice your common sense.  Engage with people by giving your full attention.  Return missed calls and treat everyone with the same amount of respect you would want to receive. Honor your promise and sustain good public relationships.  Even if you know they're not going to benefit you now, carry your professional presence and build that into your permanent character.  Never put up a superficial stunt and behave like a lousy horse behind the scene. Word-of-mouth is very important.  It's not what you know.  It's "Who knows You" in today's world.

Associate with People who Inspire You

You need to associate with people who inspire you, people that challenge you to rise higher, people that make you better.  Don't waste your valuable time with people that are not adding to your growth. Your destiny is too important - Joel Osteen

The Elephant Keeps Walking as the Dogs Keep Barking

Barking dogs such as external critics, haters, competitors, jealous associates who undermine you will always be there.  Your success comes with stronger persecution. Learn to navigate your way around these dogs. You can't tame the barking dogs, but you can tune them out. The sun rises, the moon still shine despite their barks.  I say they are noises, attention seekers and insecure dogs who can't stand your light.

Be an elephant which has the distinct characters of a leader, gentle giant, playful rogues and reliable plodders.  Survive in harsh environment with a unique personality that can cope with threats and adversity. Focus and channel the energy to your inner belief rather than letting others define you.  Be true to yourself and your intentions.

Ignorance causes judgement, and misinformed dogs make noises.  Learn to make peace with their existence and transform those negative barks into positive melody.  Be strong, calm and resolute.  Stay compassionate and develop consistent results. - inspiration drawn from Suze Orman, Television host, author, motivational speaker.

Written by Agnes Koh
Etiquette Master Trainer, Image Consultant, Events Organizer
Professional Trainer, Speaker, Author, Health and Fitness Instructor, Yoga Teacher
Etiquette & Image International

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Kelley Broussard said...

Wow - Outstanding attitude!!! I love your approach - and your no 'beat around the bush' approach... Extremely refreshing inspiring and most of all MOTIVATING!!