Because You Ask

What roles do you play in your area of speciality?
I lead a fulfilling lifestyle, I have an enriching four portfolios: Image Consultation (Creative), E-retailer (Style) Etiquette Coaching (Traditional) and Wellness Training (Sporty).

What do you see your image and style?
I am a minimalist.  I love unique contemporary piece when I stand before a group who engaged an Image workshop.  I portray a more traditional and sovereign look (Suit) when I need to share rules that govern conventional behaviour (Etiquette) and I can go very wild when I teach a saucy Zumba class (Fitness).  Every genre has a message.  I have to be very versatile to share the wide spectrum in Image consultation.

Explain Wellness.
Many people tag Wellness to Health.  In fact, it is a total well-being from inside and out.  There are much more to Wellness namely : Social, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Health, Body, Behavourial etc. The societal wellness can be achieved through
  • Behavioural transformation (Etiquette & Mannerism Coaching)
  • Emotional transformation  (Image and Style) to gain confidence
  • Mental, Body & Health transformation (Fitness & Health) when they lead an active lifestyle, reduce stress level, manage work-life balance and rejoice in a holistic realm. 
It is a joy to be a part of shaping this lifestyle changes. My role is to educate people's mindset on their perception of this unique industry.

How does fitness related to Image?
I get this question every now and then.  Many people want to change their image and wish they could be more attractive. One of their major concerns is their weight.  They 'check' the box in the assessment form: "I want to look good," said it all. If you are not convinced on health is an important factor to Image, you are living in denied and lazy lifestyle.  There is no point looking good on the outer core and feeling weak and sick all the time. You want an image that is full of energy, live and positive vibes.  Plus, if you want to be taken seriously, be consistent with your finesses, appearances, styles, profiles and lifestyles consistently. 

How do you relate to Etiquette Coaching
I was a hotelier and held several management positions.  As aN ex-hotelier, we come across as a natural communicator; strong awareness and sensitivity before our guests. We exceed our hospitality over and beyond, build harmonious relationship and carry ourselves with dignity and poise.  It is in me as I lived in the hospitality industry more than a decade. I am still in a people-oriented industry. Inevitably, teaching etiquette just come naturally to me.

Do you see your specialties diluted (given the number of portfolios) as compared to other trainers who are specialized in specific path?

I am specialized in Wellness.  It is a composite whole to have all these qualities.  I see myself as an invaluable asset to any organization/prospects who engage my versatility and expertise.  As a certified consultant specialized in Etiquette, Image & Wellness, I am positive because with an inch of knowledge, it's an oz of improvement.  I am naturally an instant self-motivator, self-starter, grounded and I love doing what I do.  I respect those who specialised on specific arena.  I deliver to request, upgrade to keep abreast, practise to stay on track.  I meet different audiences and expand my contacts and see things at different perspectives.

What are the significant verbs you choose for a lasting relationship?
Acceptance, Attention, Acknowledge, Approval and Appreciate.

What turns you off?
Judgment, unscrupulous act, contemptuous  behaviour. Industry players who sham as a client and waste their time.

Pick one chore you don't like about your business. What will you do?
Selling myself.  I prefer my works to be seen, felt and acknowledged by people.  The word-of-mouth tool is the best selling tool in my business.  The most powerful tool.  I will only sell what I can deliver, that's integrity. 

Who do you adore?
A King Up there (without HIM, I cannot and without me, He will not) and My hubby. 

How do you distress?
Get out of Singapore.  Go to places of my desired destinations.

What is your latest news?

Promising SME500 2014