Friday, December 11, 2009

Experience Yoga

City life, work, stresses, deadlines, exams, projects, meetings, overtime, housework, children, pressures - do you resonate your lifestyle with these? Ask yourself "Where am I" Listen to your response. Have an unhurried conversation with yourself, be attentive to all the many aspects of yourself. Do you really meet your essential self ?
If you are pro-created by others, you are a blend of others' instructions, commands, directions and perceptions. Your works are centered with others' acceptance, hungry for others' opinions and their approval is your ultimate goal. You have lost your essential "self".
I am not asking you to be self-opinioned or individualistic. If your life is shaped by others, you tend to mimic, copy or compete blindly without having your personal identity. Your insecurity is your greatest enemy. This is easily detected from your conversations and along what you do, pursue or compete with. Worst, you enjoy competing for the sake of no common grounds. You have torn apart from the unity of your essential mind-heart-soul.
Do you greet everone you meet with kindness, compassion and conscious awareness of making their world a better place? If this intention is transcend from the heart, a subtle vibration energy is displayed. Everyone will sense and receive instantly. Think of an innocent energy generated by a child. So pure and kind.

Yoga is a unity of mind, body and energy. The practise of each posture is an opportunity to discover consciousness. Enter into conversation with your divine peace. Trust your own intuition, your own experience and yourself. Clarify your inner wisdom and listen to your inner guidance. Your body, mind and heart are your greatest teacher.

You will experience a change in mindset, a shift in your attitude, a calm within that meet the challenge outside. A calm mind overcomes obstacles and kind heart gives freely. You will create non-judgemental attitude and become more acceptance and objective to the way your see things. An opportunity to attend to yourself and not minding others' business.

It is encouraged to see people who consistently attend classes, getting fitter, stronger, energized and calmer. The physiology benefits are bad habitual postures' correction, aid ailments, improve basal metabolic rates, eases digestion and balance the hypothalamus glands.

I am thankful for this journey and am truly blessed to teach and share my love for yoga to others. The faithful blend of physical, intellectual, emotional and happiness have become part of my creation in life.
Last but not least, Yoga is not a disconnection from others. It is a reminder to take some time from your busy schedule to connect and be with yourself. Learn to answer the phone later and answer the call of your own soul "-)
Agnes Koh, C.H.Ed Dip in Yoga

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