Monday, April 27, 2009

Reverse Your Age, Hold back Your Years

Make a huge impact on the way you look. Keep yourself fit has an amazing effect to anti-aging.

Keep Fit

We all know that regular exercise combat persistent tiredness, depression, chronic fatigue syndrome and stress-related diseases.

If you feel drained out all the time, it is your body's expression of telling you to do something about it. The "fight & flight" response through the action of epinephrine (Adrenalin) and norepinephrine are at it's lowest level of function.

Finding excuses is easy; your commitment at work, family, children, age, past injuries etc. Never underestimate the power of exercise. The endorphin (feel-good cells) release after exercise makes your thoughts incredibly powerful. Every time you make your thoughts feel great, you raise your energy par. You can manipulate your mind to work on that body. Choose the positive and you become the creator of your own lights rather than a victim of your own darkness.

Recharge Your Batteries

The less energy in your body, the less oxygenated blood cells are circulated in the body. You only have certain amount of energy each day to keep you going. Your depleted energy needs to be recharged. Take a break, go for short holidays, rejuvenate your mind/body in a spa, leverage yourself with yoga retreats, join a gym.... or attend short motivational courses.

Mixed with "Endorphineur" Friends

We connect with each other through energy, so don't hang around with negative people who drain you and save time for friends who encourage, support and bless you. Imagine you have to put up an invisible barrier to keep their negativity away. If your aspirations awkwardly triggered a jealous spiking reactions, send out positive vibes and be self-assured, self-confident.

Your Own Energy Snappers

Your behaviour, attitude and interpersonal skills are your own energy snappers. Stop sabotaging and start compromising, accepting and acknowledging the differences between you and others. Do not be a:

1) Perfectionist - You are constantly aiming for impossible and make your life far harder than it is.
2) Control Freak - You can't trust anyone and need to be in control to hide your insecurity.
3) Scare-to-loser - You have no patience with others and often like to be seen as "know it all".

Give Thanks and Appreciate Small Things

Be of good steward to cultivate true compassion, patience, kindness, respect and encourage others. You reap what you sow. Serve humanity and appreciate little details others provide. Give thanks to anything that come your way. Be your personal best and help those see their potentials.

Boost your lymphatic system with all the above anti-aging "vitamins". Your charisma, finesse, charm and happiness are contagious!

Agnes Koh
C.H.Ed Dip Yoga Teaching
Certified Professional Trainer

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