Zumba Party!!!

Zumba Fitness is a fusion exercise incorporating Latin and International music into the dynamic, exciting, and effective fitness system. Zumba is the latest fitness craze: it is fun, the workout is accessible to individuals of all fitness levels and abilities.

In just two years, Zumba workout has swapped over 60,000 locations in 105 countries.  It topped the Latest Fitness Trends in 2010 in Singapore.

Combines with dance and aerobics, Zumba is an hour long routine that works almost every muscle in the body.  It burns up to 500 calories just by doing that bootylicious moves. Zumba improves your agility, co-ordination and music sense.  You turn alive, alert and zest up!

This is the Convention I look forward to!!!
Zumba Instructors Convention, Orlando, 2010.  The theme Song : CAIPIRINHA

Ditch that Workout! Join the Party !!!

Agnes was certified and trained by Alberto "Beto" Perez, the founder of Zumba Fitness.  She adds her own creative moves and choreographs her routine to lift up her personal identity.  People go crazy, they do not feel that they are having a workout but a party in the sizzling hot music.

Organize this class at your company.  Email : enquiry@etiquetteimageint.com