Promising SME 500 Luminary Award 2014

We received the Promising SME 500 Luminary Award Presentation on 10 September 2014.

Initiated by Small Medium Business Association SMBA, this campaign was founded to nurture the next generation of business leaders in Singapore while promoting business excellence among established local SME.

It was an amazing day at The Marina Bay Sands ballroom. Presented the medal was the guest-of-honor and Group CEO of Koh Brothers,  Mr Francis Koh. He was awarded with Distinguish Business Leader of the year 2014.  He also shared with us on how he took his family-owned business to public listed and encouraged us to move forward despite of challenges. It was a great pleasure to hear from successful people shared inspiring stories yet so humble.

The event followed with a Gala dinner. Black tie as dress code. Everyone was looking smart and glamorous! Hosting the stage opening was none other than our popular 90.5 radio DJ Vernetta Lopez. Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Manpower and Deputy Government Whip  was the guest of honour. She presented the top 10 Outstanding Achievement and Fast growing business awards. The ballroom was filled with 1000 guests in their gowns and black tie suits. The Jaguars winner get to test drive 3 days 2 nights on its "bedroom on wheel". Made me excited for a minute and thought, "Woah! time to change my car. Lol :)"... toy car in my dream. Haha!

What an awesome year of greater glory. I thank God and praise our Lord Jesus for the supernatural favour.

Glamour and Luminance it may seemed, it lasted a day. What's more practical is to move forward and keep going. Maybe dwell in the limelight a little longer than usual, use it as a catalyst to pad my shoulder a bit. Our vision is to stay innovative,  keep our standard high and sustain our all time excellent credibility. The luminance will come naturally with the joy of doing the work that I so passionately love and of course a decent income.

On a personal side, my grace is sufficient because I serve a Big God. I will give without remembering,  receive without forgetting,  perform without striving, impress without trying, happy without pretending and lastly blessed without earning.

Not forget to thank my hubby who stood by me, supported me through rain or shine. The world is filled with cynicism, jealousy and negativity; he is there for me, morally, physically, faithfully to see me complete the events all this while. I always feel, compete with others, you become bitter, compete with myself, I become better. This thought allows me rooms to work and embrace others' success because not everyone is the same. Rejoice,  praise and first to "like" their good news in Facebook are pure happy reactions from me as a result. 

Many thanks to all who have supported our 4 pillars; Image, Etiquette, Fitness and Wellness. 

Love and inner peace, 
Agnes Koh 

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