Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Wear Your Fitness Outfits according to Class Programs

Working out in the gym or group exercise classes is no longer boring. Gear yourself up with bolder colours. Research has shown that exercise in colourful outfit improves your confidence, inspire you to shed extra pounds, the desire to tone your physique more and feel so good when you revitalize your energy.

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Wear sports bra or racer top for good support and ease your range of motion.  Go for dri-fit fabric that absorbs sweats (yes! It absorbs). Supplex holds your shape well and is breathable.  Our Active wear collection is durable with excellent stretch.  Have you seen many branded sports wear in the market now with very little elastic, it is so uncomfortable and you might get a tweet when you try too hard to take off. 

With our highly stretchable active wear, you can confidently wear a size smaller.  The stretch is up to 3-5 inches extras.  It has an effect of absorbing the heat yet warm up your body easily for fat burn.

Throw away your old shapeless t-shirt (advertisement logo) and pasar malam leggings. When you stepped into the studio, everybody knows you from behind because of that same-old colour, logo, baggy, storeroom t-shirt.

Wear according to your Class Genre

Wear the right outfit according to your class genre. Black martial arts track pants for boxing.  Muai Thai shorts for contact training.  Wear vibrant Cargo Pants, tank tops for Zumba. Green, Yellow, Pink racer back tops for Bokwa and capris for yoga/pilates.  Oh.... and leotards is out.... for century.

The colourful shoes have topped the list and snapped out.  Go for Cross trainer shoes if you attend a group-ex class.  Quite simply, running shoes are for running.  If you are doing lots of lateral and diagonal movements such as boxing, aerobics, dance classes, go for high-cut shoes that protect the ankles.  Check the grip of the soles as some are made purely for running only.

Don't wait until you see your weighing scale to exercise.  Start now.  Fitness is for life and stay healthy, positive and happy throughout the year. When you prosper in health, you will prosper in all things.

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