Sunday, January 6, 2013

Zesty Lemon Spring Look 2013


Best Spring Look 2013
If you are not in a conservative industry, I encourage you to dare the difference.  Wear collar necklace, chain belt in gold!  Conquer all the rage, stay stylish and be a trend setter.

This is a very warm colour and you can't go without make-up.  I cannot visualize you with these outfits looking sluggish and gloomy.  Apply light-weight make-up, bronzer and tinted glossy lipstick for a healthy look.  Forget the smoky eye, winter is gone!  Go with pastel colours such as pink / hazelnut / vanilla /soft coral shadows.

The sunshine and lemon zest hue sends a message of optimistism and enthusiasm. An excellent way to convey your cheerfulness at work. 

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