Tuesday, May 1, 2012

How to enliven a Good Impression

We meet people everyday.  What sort of impression you wish to leave behind when you left?  If I were to describe someone to you in the following adjectives:

A)  Smart, Diligent, Earnest, Stubborn, Critical, Male

B)  Critical, Stubborn, Earnest, Diligent, Smart, Male

They are similar adjectives but have been rearranged from Good to bad in (A) and in reverse (B).  Will you perceive A as smart and hardworking?  Due to his earnest attitude, he is sometimes headstrong and judgmental.  On the other hand, B is critical and obstinate even though he can be smart and diligent. 

First impression is formed through the preliminary strategic adjectives.  Subconsciously, the initial one or two adjectives are deciding factor.

Perception can be deceiving, but it is definitely a BARRIER that draws away people from liking you.  Here are some essential tips on how to enliven a good impression: 

Physical Appearance:  Dress in moderate and decent style with neutral colours such as white.  Shades of blues increase a level of accessibility and draw people closer to you.  Clean and flawless face with well-polished teeth enhances your expression. A good hair-cut is seen as neat and tidy. 

Expression & Eye Contact: Smile is the key. When you smile, lift the two corner of your lip's wide-up and express it from within. The best smile is to display your teeth.  Maintain good eye contact when you talk.  Do not wring your eye brow when you pause for thoughts.

Vocal and Think before you speak: You voice equates 38% of how people perceive you.  Your tone, volume, and diction weigh a lot.  There is a saying; sound is melody; language is power, and diction is destiny. Always think before you speak.  Rehearse your sentence and the choice of words can affect a relationship. When you speak, do not come across as rude, judgemental and offending. 

Wisdom Equates Intelligence: Be street-smart. Your ability to adjust yourself to blend with the environment, situation and conversation give you an edge.  Have an open mind and be ready to pick up new information and knowledge that you are unfamiliar with.  Go beyond your current paradigm and makeshift to the ever-changing  market landscape.  Never blow your horn in the presence of your friends/colleagues.

Be Cheerful, Positive and Graceful: Stay in a realm of good and contented spirit.  Speak of favorable words to people and avoid gossiping.  The way you move, sit, stand and walk reflect your upbringing.  Always engage gentle and graceful movement and avoid large arm gestures when you speak.

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