Monday, December 26, 2011

Meaningful Christmas Revelation

This Christmas marked a special revelation to me. I was so looking forward to Christmas. The joy and thrill of Christmas songs, lights, trees, ornaments, log cakes, ginger breads, feasts, turkey, ham, egg nogs and cranberry drinks.... the world come together to celebrate Jesus' birth.

I hope despite of commercialism, everyone remember our Lord Saviour, Jesus Christ who was borned in a manger two thousand years ago. He came to give us Life and a Life more abundantly. 

With my "Busy body" rushing throughout the year, taking break was my first priority. I am glad to take the two weeks quiet time. I want to stop "doing" and start "being".  This is what I advocate in all my wellness classes. I need to practise what I preach.  This Christmas, an amazing miracle happened to me just over a week ago. A micacle that I believe; was not my works, but by His obedience; given to me.

Sending out Christmas cards in a traditional way allowed me to stay down to earth. The alchemy of joining pen and paper draw me closer to those I hold dear to me.

My practical Christmas present to my hubby was an "Ang Pow" as he has been bugging me for a tablet.  In exchange of ear-peace and sound advice from him (90% sound and 10% advice). Haha! Hope he can grab something I can also use in my training :P

Our second visit to a Penang feast on Christmas eve. Spicy and yummy penang kuay teow, laksa, nasi lemak, rojak, kembing soup... hmmmmm.... delicious!!!  Our Christmas cheer cannot complete without attending our home church.  Lovely celebration!

I spotted this Courtesy Lion Moscot at Library...wooo...brought back lots of childhood memory. Courtesy is for me, courtesy is for you and me.... can someone help me to rhyme the next line... I have forgotten...

This sabbath prepares me for an exciting 2012. Old is out, New is in.  Embrace a brand New Year with lots of positive returns. 

Happy New Year Everyone!

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