Saturday, September 10, 2011

Insomnia Remedy

An average adult requires a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep.  If you have sleep-break pattern, a light sleeper or can't get into a deep doze, you are under stress.

These useful tips will help you get into the Z-mode:

  1. Switch off your handphone and put it away completely.
  2. No laptop  or any electronic gadgets, you want your mind to be totally free from the cyber gigs.
  3. Practice Complete Breath & Viparita Karani.  Lie on your bed with both legs rise up the wall, insert a pillow underneath your lower back;  sinking the butt and shoulders toward the linen. This will elevate the lumbar spine (lower back) and calm the CNS (central nervous system), spread your arms out and relax the facial muscles, neck and heart. 
  4. Breathe slowly to expand the chest, ribs and abdomen.  Do not force the breath, allow the breath to flow at own pace.
  5. Let your thoughts come and go.  Do not dwell with it.  Yes, count your sheep...
  6. Close your eyes or use an eye pad.  Note : NOT I-pad :)
  7. You would have fallen asleep by then.

    Other Calming Poses such as:
    • Seated forward bend with a pillow over your laps (stack up two or more so you could rest your cheek and arms over the pillow.
    • Lying Spinal Twist
    • Child Pose

      Adjust your room condition
      Switch off all  the lights, draw in the curtains, keep the air conditioner temp to 25 deg. You can burn some essential oil (Lavender, Lemon grass, Sandalwood) to calm the stressful pineal and pituitary glands.

      Avoid heavy meal or supper. Body cells are renewed between 11pm to 2am. 

      Lastly regular exercises promote good sleep and regulate your inner balance.  Join a Yoga Therapy Class to learn other techniques. 

      All-rite-tee.... :) Have an early zzz..... Good night and sweet dream.... :)

      Agnes Koh, C.H.Ed Dip in Wellness

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